Project Box version 1

     One bright sunny day I had an idea, so I made it. I did get carried away with what I wanted and this wasn't a good idea, but it did get me something. 

      Having multiple projects in flight means that I soon get disorganised and the picture of my desk shows just what can happen. Not only this desk, I've a cabin which ends up in a similar state and a wood workshop to, though that is tidier, power tools and mess ends badly. I'm also getting older and my eyesight is getting poorer, so things get mislaid and in the confusion, temporarily get lost. The reason my desk is covered, is because I carry bits of a project indoors, then outdoors, then take them somewhere else, all the time loosing things, or having to try carrying multiple bits, one finger for each.

     To address this, a few weeks ago I decided to build a simple carry case for a project or two, with built in power, breadboards and meters which wasn't expensive, and that would fulfil 90% of a projects requirements, and of course, easily portable from place to place.

     Part 1 just covers the box. I built two to start with, both very similar designs, but with a different lid design. There is nothing clever about this box, the design is 20x23cm internal, glued together and then a hinge, clasp, handle and feet added. If a wider box is required the 25cm external width can be extended to the required size, 25cm was chosen by me as it would fit on a desk easily.

     The list of supplies is to build the wooden box, some of the offcuts can be reused but its suggested that a similar amount of plywood is purchased to fit out the internals and to experiment with different layouts.


9mm plywood 25cm wide by 122cm long

1 strap handle, less than 25cm long

8 rubber feet (only four required if the box isn't going to be stackable)

piano hinge, about 20cm wide


Short 1cm screws for fittings

2cm screws for fixing the sides together if needed

wood glue

The ply cutting sheet is in the attached pdf.