CBE PC-200

CBE are the company that make those very nice electrical accessories for caravans and motorhomes. Our previous caravan had been fitted with their switches and sockets so we were familiar with them and liked them. Other manufacturers made compatible fittings so we looked at what they had to offer for us.

As well as the basics, we had seen at a show in Birmingham, many motorhomes were fitted with an all-in-one LCD control panel and we liked the look. Would it do everything?

Finding out wasn't easy, CBE don't make it easy to find out about their products, but after searching the internet we located the manuals and a circuit diagram, and yes, the PC series of panels did do a lot, but also cost a bit to.  

The alternative to the control panel would have been to buy a switch/fuse panel from another make, but these weren't anywhere near as sophisicated, and required a lot of wiring around the van. They also wouldn't be anywhere near as convenient to position and use.

At the time, CBE offered two systems, the PC-100 and the PC-200. The former was a fairly basic affair, with the LCD display offering a combined display of what other systems used LED's for, such as battery level traffic lights and similar for fresh water. The latter was much better, giving readouts of battery voltages, temperatures, fresh water volumes and a very useful clock, as well as a host of indicators to signal waste tank full, battery charging/status, together with the on/off switches that were needed.

So we were sold on the PC-200.