Solar Power Try 2

This was a complete new solution, new panels and controller to the recently purchased batteries.

Having done a bit of research, the epSolar range was popular, had good personal reviews and generally were considered to be a genuine MPPT controllers with full power conversion.

For the panels we chose three 100W panels that would fit in the available van roof space, again having checked that others had also bought them and report good quality goods.


Up until now we'd hard wired everything, but in this case we bought the correct cables and plugs, running wires direct to the controller, and direct from controller to batteries.

This was an immediate success, loads of power for both charging the battery and running the daytime electrics. It was early autumn when we fitted them and as the year went on into winter, the early success was lost, and we just weren't generating anywhere near enough, with perhaps down to 25% of what we got originally. A bit of fine tuning needed.