Day 2010/01/30

Seems like a long day. Liz has spent the last week learning to use the mitre saw, measuring and cutting up the battens for the plywood and insulation to go back on. She also stuffed more insulation into the sliding door. Today started with snow but we warmed the van up and stuck all the battens up with Sikaflex, putting a few screws in here and there where needed, especially the roof, and cutting the battens up a bit more to fit round the curves.

Made up the wire conduits to go inside the ceiling for the lights and ran a piece of flexible conduit through the wall to handle the mains and 12v for the kitchen area plugs. Ran a piece of string through the flexible conduit as I'm expecting a bit of trouble threading the wire through.

Ended the day making up curved battens for the corners of the windows until it got to dark.

Dismantled the roof vents to see if we could lower them. We can but only by about 15mm. Really need about 40mm to fit the ceiling. Will look into that. Also tried to remove the bolt from above the sliding door but they are holding in a metal bar inside the door frame so will have to stay. As they are also getting in the way of the replacement conduit, the old conduit will have to be replaced! Looked at the wiring of the cab area which has been exposed after taken out the headlining, looks to have several wires that need moving to hide it again, something to think about later



Day 2010/01/31

More battening, just filling in all the areas that need a bit of reinforcement, fixed some wood over the rear door hinges and screwed all the mid level battens up a bit more to make sure they were going to be able to take weight. Marked out the areas for the panel reinforcement and fitted some conduit for the mains leads. A long weekend with not much to show for it!