The wiring

The electronics and Arduino code is covered in the later sections but for construction purposes is partly shown here to show where things will go. They could be constructed completely separately and never used in a project box like this.


The power for the display panel is connected via the 40 way header socket which has been lined up with the socket in the base to ensure the ribbon cable folds neatly.


Below it is a red reset button for the Arduino, its an easy addition and as the whole is expected to be an ongoing project may be required from time to time.


In the centre are the power supplies, from the top that is +12V, -12V, +5V and 0V


Below the display are the various inputs to the circuits, digital input, voltage input, current, serial and I2C pins


Above the display are the spring connectors for the resistance measurement.


The display has a simple bezel put around it, currently white but will be changed if I have the plastic to make one.