Bed and boxes



Day 2010/20/23

Started on more interesting woodwork. We both spent time getting the bed frame made, and while John carried on making joints and assembling it, Liz knocked up a couple of insulated boxes for the wheel arches. The bed frame isn't perfect. Found that the door straps don't run true so had to reduce the height of the bed legs by 1cm to allow them to clear. Bit more fun with having to check the measurements on the length as with the wheel arch boxes in place, another change, so most pieces of wood we cut had to be changed. Still by the end of the weekend it was glued together and on the following Tuesday was screwed into place. Because the kitchen area was going to cross the door we needed to make sure that the door was finished off which meant making a new panel for it, the original one must have been lost at some time. Lots of fun trying to get the correct shape and hole placement but in the end we had a good shape. In the week ordered some 'sand' coloured van carpet and will be covering this soon.