I play mainly folk music on melodeons and bass guitar with a dose of bodhran thrown in when needed, and regularly play in sessions around the south-west. Currently looking to join a new band as of Jan 2023. Being a bit techie, I usually end up doing a few things with wires and music. Take a look and see if anything is of interest.

Elsewhere is a whole section on building a Midi Melodeon, currently on version 2, and version 3 will be arriving when funds allow. 

Also some bits on music synthesis on the cheap, mainly to try to get a unique but authentic button accordion sound, for use with the midi melodeon or as an initial specification for anyone who wants to try.

I have a Behringer Bass module with pedal board, and really not sure what I'd do when it breaks....probably post the fix for it on here, but I'm a fan.

And finally a collection of music, all of which is available elsewhere on the web but this is my selection, with notation, Musecore files, XML files and a MP3 file.