First trip away!

The first picture and the last picture below show what we did this for. We had a great time away in our tin-tent. This is not the first time to this camp site and St Ives, first time was in a tent in late September 2002, second time in a caravan, and we've been back again every year since these pictures were taken. The site is Ayr Holiday Park, St Ives. 


Day 2010/0/422

With the electrics working sufficiently, we went for our first trip away.

Off to St Ives, via Alperton, venue for Alice in Wonderland film. All that was supposed to work, worked. Was able to charge battery on arrival, as expected, and sat up and read in the evening, following a two course meal for two with bottle of wine all for £20 at The Sloop Inn.

Making the bed was an exercise, it all went well but the two halves split apart so in the end had to be tied together for safety, but otherwise worked ok. The bed is big, 6' x 6', bigger than required but then also doesn't fit any bed clothes we have so various cold bits overnight. New bed linen required. Will make up something to hold the two halves together in the future, also to hold the sliding side in place when driving!

The fridge turns out to be very noisy, not so much the compressor, but the fan. Have read that others have replaced the stock fan with a low noise computer one so will do this with a thermostat as well.

Lighting works well, generally the van is livable in, but the fridge size makes it a bit cramped, so remountig further back looks like the order of the day, will arrange to do this at the same time as the awning.

Great thing was the lack of condensation, at least we got the ventilation right!!