Skylight Boxes


Day 2010/02/20

Several days in this as I was working from home was nipping out to do an hour each lunchtime, far to dark and cramped to do anything later.

The roof lights have been a bit of a pain and need a bit of careful boxing in to get them sealed. Made a pair of shallow boxes that just fitted over the roof lights without falling off, then covered the base with sikaflex and put up a ply panel underneath them overnight. Next day I had a roof panel with two box sections glued to it in the correct place. Spent the next day sawing these out then stuck on the insulation and up she went.

In between times we also got a tow bar fitted. This required a bit of emergency conduit to ensure that the wiring all had somewhere to go, instead of the original black conduit from the original van and the duct tape that was holding it up now!