Line Follower hacking chassis

As they were a bargain, I bought several of these kits to hack. The circuit board has been abandoned for connectivity, and holes drilled into the front strategically for fitting items. There's an obvious breadboard stuck to the top and the connecting wires for the motors have dupont connectors on their ends. The upright is to accommodate a camera module or ultrasonic detector and the bar across the front allows sensors to be attached easily, or it can be used as the 'pusher' in a Sokoban like game. 

The PCB has a single central hole at the front which accommodates the front skid bolt but can also be used to attach this sensor holder or other single point adapters I've designed just for this purpose.

The idea is that this can be a platform easily adapted to several roles and all at low cost. The single point fixing components can also be attached to other robot chassis easily.