General Requirements

  1. A countdown timer runs for a default 24 hours and is reset each time a PIR sensor is activated. When the timer expires, a prewritten email is sent to a predefined recipient list.
  2.  When powered up, an email is sent every seven days confirming correct operation to a predefined recipient list.
  3. When powered off, a power outage timer is run, with a predefined time, which either continues the 24 hour countdown on power-up, or resets it.
  4. External lights on the unit confirm power on, PIR activation, Wifi connectivity and email alert sent status.
  5. A replaceable SD card holds email and configuration information
  6. Recessed buttons allow the unit to be reset or trigger an email to be sent
  7. A usb socket for programming is provided
  8. The unit is housed in a plug in wall box
  9. The unit requires a mains socket and active wifi/internet connectivity for operation
  10. As it stands, statistics are not recorded for operational use, but as testing will require them, this is a feature which can be activated should it be requested.
  11. The SD card may hold a website for online configuration.