Gas 2 and going away

After the floor was down, and before we did much else, it was varnished with three coats to protect it and make it easier to clean, we were after all working on it. Rules now changed to shoes off in the van!

That black flue pipe is now in quite cosy, with the required space around it but a bit tight.

Some views of the gas locker, regulator and straps to keep the bottles steady.

Originally the worktop was only supported by wood frames, but to support the gas locker required something more substantial as it was going to be extending over the side door step. To help with this, and enable it to fit, the end support was replaced with angle iron and bolted to the floor. After all that, the fit between the worktop and gas locker wasn't perfect, so theres a bit of a lip and poor fit on the corner. I'll get round to fixing that one day!

The finishing off touches with the linen curtains and upholstery.