Windows Server 2019

As per the introduction, a local charity bought one of these to help run it's operations and these are various odd items to help with its setup, not the how to use Windows Server texts, but what was done. 

The implementation is a single server server image running Windows Server 2019 Standard with Active Directory and Remote Desktop. The application the charity uses has to run on a bare metal server and not over a wide area network, hence it is hosted on a physical server and accessed as a remote desktop session. It ran for some time with a basic administrator remote access as a trail before the further investment was made to licence more users.

I'm sure the world would have us run a multi-server environment with a management contract and follow the rules laid out in the last course they attended, but unless it all comes free the charity has other more pressing uses for its money.

Items to be covered, if not here yet, are:

Dell Poweredge T40 Server OS Load

Intrusion Prevention


Using RDP in a small environment