Frames and Carpets


Day 2010/03/19

Fraught week trying to get a few things done especially the frames for the toilet, but got there in the end, however camera went on the blink and had to rely on 10 year old one. But got the cooker and fridge finally installed after some rapid cabling efforts.


Day 2010/03/21

Big weekend carpeting the walls and roof. Started out by emptying what we could, beds came out as did toilet walls. Also had to take down conduit to allow carpeting behind it. Was a very wet day outside so furniture had to be stored under a tarpaulin. Next door neigbours grandson lays carpets so we got him to help, welll actually do the job, Liz held things. Went up like a dream but used 6 500ml cans of spray glue which is all we had so now we need more to finish things off, as well as some Evostik contact adhesive to stick down the odd bits that need additional adhesion. Then put beds back with cutouts in the carpet where needed. John spent the day working out how the cupboards were going to fit, and put battens on the wardrobe walls for shelves.

Sunday saw the toilet walls go back up, more cutting up for the cupboards, but halted when we ran out of wood, back to Woodley's for another sheet of 12mm ply next week. John put the conduit back properly with correctly retained cables and then ended up the afternoon by cutting out the wood for the over-cab storage locker while Liz put up the battens for the cupboards.

All in all a good weekend, but lots of things to buy from Screwfix next week, glue, brackets (screws?) hinges......