First some windows

Once we had the inside prepared then it was off to get some windows fitted. When it came back, it actually started to look like a motorhome. 

The windows were fitted by Vanglaze in Gloucester and were a pretty good price.

We had looked at various options on windows, but generally didn't like the look of the cassette type, just didn't look right. Also looked at large basic caravan type windows, but again, still looked wrong. So ended up getting a professional van glazier to fit replacement windows. They cut the holes, fitted and sealed glass etc. so was a labour saving job for us to. The down side to this, these are single glazed windows, so minimal thermal insulation.

What was wrong with the others? Well it comes down to personal taste. We actually like lounging around  in the van with our feet up, looking out the windows, reading a book, and having large clear windows makes it quite pleasant. The plastic type aren't as clear to start with. There's a range of shapes but all would have been a compromise on the size of windows versus the available shape of the body work. Looking at the pictures above, it's easy to see how the natural light in the van has improved.

That said, the alternatives were very attractive. See this link for what we turned down. They are very good and might suit you better, but go and look at some vans built with them to see if they suit you.


Day 2010/01/12

More pics, excited as van is off to get the Windows fitted, took a couple of pics for a before after view.



Day 2010/01/15

Van returns with windows and immediately looks like a motorhome, except theres not much inside. Super excited.


Next day went off to B&Q for the wood, and got to treat it as a real van as we filled it up with loads of wood for construction.