I wanted a CD player in the cabin where it's good to go, put some music on and relax. There are other projects here describing what else has been done in the cabin, but if I wanted to listen to CD's it meant buying a new player and then I would be stuck with what I could afford and perhaps another shiny metal box, but I wanted something different. 

A friend's new TV wouldn't work with their old DVD play so I got a free donation when they had to buy a new one, and I planned to dismantle it, tap into and improve the audio circuits and build an exploded CD player from the bits. The downside was that tapping into the control circuits wasn't so easy and the information it would read from CD's was poor, it was after all a DVD player. So I put it back together and decided to build one from scratch. 

My first idea was based around doing this from an Arduino perspective, but there was a lot of coding required to get far. However a Raspberry Pi could do a lot of the job with off the shelf software with advanced audio circuits available at reasonable choice so made a much better starting point. To this add a USB connected DVD/CD player, a small screen and I'd be away.