IoT Implementations

At the start of this I listed somethings which I wanted to achieve with this project, and this is a section with just how those solutions were made.


This is a basic clock display which can either be set via wifi or use a clock module. Several of these can be run off the same master clock.

Battery Voltage and Current Monitor - Add-on

This is an addon circuit to an existing battery monitor to provide remote status reporting and recording. It uses an ADS1115 voltage sensor.

Battery Voltage and Current Monitor

This is an original circuit incorporating a commercial shunt to extend the range of a basic IoT INA219 module.

EPever  or EPsolar monitor and recorder

This takes the basic IoT system detailed earlier and implements it to monitor a solar power and battery system.

Environment sensor

Combines various sensors to record several parameters such as inside/outside temperature, pressure and humidity.

Mains Monitor

This is an implementation intended to monitor high voltage AC circuits in excess of 100V.

Software to implement these ideas can be viewed on github here