Robot Car with add-on overload

This set of upgrades was to make the basic robot car operable via remote control over the internet. The ESP32-CAM module could be contacted via a webpage and the video from the camera streamed to it. The ESP32 relayed serial commands to an Arduino Uno which controlled the motors and ran the sensors, running in autonomous mode if no commands were received.  To detect collisions, two microswitches are mounted at the front, as well as edge detectors at all four corners to detect if the robot is about to run off a ledge or table Powered from two sources, the camera system by Lithium and the motors by ordinary AA, which isn't ideal and will be replaced by rechargeables at some point.

Realistically, this is overload for a very simple machine a bit of redesign is needed, especially as the chassis is really only one small piece of acrylic and bends quite a bit.