List of Projects

Making Multiway Cables and Connectors

This is just a simple little idea I thought I'd share for making connectors up. It uses off the shelf parts but as I hadn't seen anyone else doing it thought I would.  

Trailer Lift

We bought two scooters, we bought a trailer to tow them around with us behind the motorhome, we have only one standard size garage, so the lift was built to store the trailer near the garage ceiling when not in use.


I wanted a unit to play digital media in our cabin but also wanted it to be unique, this is what came of it. 

Class A Amplifier

This is my take on JLH's classic Class A Amplifier

Cabin Solar Power

Solar power installation in our hobbies cabin and workshop

RIAA Phono PreAmp

An old project which I keep revisting

Wall Display

A bit of fun, first of a series of 'Art' projects

Solar Fan

A small solar powered shed ventilation fan project 

Windows Server 2019

A local charity bought one of these to help run it's operations but at the time of setting it up the provided instructions didn't work, so after experimenting and getting it working, I wrote it up here. Hopefully the Dell instructions are better now, but as I get about 50 page views a month on this I'm leaving it here as someone finds it useful. 

Roland Cube 100 Bass Repair 

Strip down and repair of this portable amp

Priority Circuit Breaker

Idea for a mains protection circuit which cuts power to circuits based on priority where there is a limited maximum supply.

Ikea  STRÅLA bottle lamp

A small 3D printed convertor someone might find useful for making lampstands from bottles and this ubiquitous Ikea item.

Solar Power

My take on solar power for those needing to generate small amounts of power from this great technology


So I bought a robot arm kit to help with a solar tracking demo, but then bought a robot car kit to help with the robot arm...... I'm sure this will turn into a new heading and complete new section but for now it's just a new project.