A forklift addon for Line Follower

This is a simple addon for the L0Cost robot which attaches to the front support and provides a challenging and fun function. 

This is a simple forklift add-on powered by a single sg90 servo (so won't lift much in this configuration) intended for use with the low cost line follower robot and has a single mounting point at the rear. The files for this are below. The purpose for this is to demonstrate the use of a forklift tool by a robot, not provide any useful lifting capacity.

To make location and pickup of 'pallets' more reliable, a three prong fork is implemented, with the middle fork being longer and the pallet designed with tapered slots, the combination auto-aligning the pallet to the forks when pushed forward.

In use, this design raises the pallet approximately 3.5cm with a 50g load. The height could be increased by extending the raising arms but with reduced load capacity.