Welcome to the Tekyinblack homepage.


Lots has been happening which hasn't turned up on these pages yet. We were in PiWars 2024 so a lot of development time has been taken up there. See the EastDevonPirates blog and the website


The L0Cost robots project was put on hold but will be re-energised now I've got some of my life back and I'll be adding details of our move to Lithium batteries and the world of Victron shortly.


There's lots of odd stuff on here, about motorhomes, servers, music and microcontrollers. So anything on electronics, PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft might appear here, but usually only because I couldn't find it elsewhere on the web so figured that it was worth providing.


There aren't any advertisements.


I am involved with a local arts production group, Sid Vale Community Productions who have their own website which I used to maintain but they've moved more to Facebook now. See  www.svcp.co.uk for further information and the new Facebook pages. This also ties in with a few local events, most notably Sidmouth Folk Week


I volunteer at The Beehive in Honiton arts centre for a variety of functions, so if you're in the area, please look them up.


After years in the IT business working across a broad range of services and industry, I've retired but don't stop. Some of the projects on here have been going for years, some are just recent and are now being updated.


This used to also be my business website, so if you've arrived here expecting a sales pitch, there isn't one, or a business, but still open to helping out where needed.


There isn't an about page as such, but briefly I'm an anarchist who plays bass guitar and melodeon, lives by the sea and enjoys making and experimenting with all sorts of things. I volunteer to help in various local organisations and appreciate and respect my neighbours. Anyone is free to copy and reuse anything on this website provided they respect and credit ownership and originality. I will always try to indicate where this lies if not with myself.