Kitchen - Hob/Oven/Cooker

Weirdly, this is the best picture of our fitted cooker, a Thetford Spinflo Caprice MkIII, which has served us very well. I can't take another picture like this because it was done on holiday before the shower wall was fitted and I'm standing in what is now the shower.

Cooking facilities were a core requirement of building a motorhome, but what to have. We had seen many nice units when we visited the camping and caravan show but when we came to look at buying one, found odd bits not to our liking. We wanted something practical, again along the lines of our caravanning days, so opted to go for both a hob and an oven. But trying to find just the two, and with electric ignition (we were giving up on matches and burnt hair!), proved fruitless. The next option was Hob, Grill and Oven and while this was much bigger, did everything and we found that we used it. Also fitted the kitchen unit perfectly and came with a fitted door at the bottom for under unit storage. We never considered anything other than gas, though sometimes one of us hankers after a microwave!

Lots of places sell this type of thing, but we got ours from a chandlers, equipment for boats being mostly suitable for motorhomes and this is a 3/4 size one.

Fitting the oven is straight forward, but it does need a gas connection and a 12V electric connection for the igniter. The floor below the cooker has a gas dropout fitted, along with a spacing cover to prevent it being blocked as its used as cupboard and could easily have something placed over it. In use access to the rear of the cooker where the gas connection is located isn't easy and if a leak did occur wouldn't be immediately obvious, the area being sealed. 

The 12V to the igniter is fused via the CBE PC-200 and switched with the main power. The gas is routed via the van manifold, with taps for cooker and heating/boiler, the main gas tap for the van is outside.

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