Raspberry Pi Tank

This is a sophisticated robot with tank tracks, flashing lights, a robot arm, line follower, camera and ultrasonics. 

It came as a kit and I didn't document the building of it but it was marketed as 'Adeept Rasptank' and appeared to be very good quality. The chassis is great, the arm is under-powered and it took only a short time for the servos to burn out just lifting its own weight. 

Inside is a Raspberry Pi 3B together with a custom robot hat which makes the wiring a tight squeeze and so far, I haven't been able to assemble it successfully without some wires fouling the operation. 

There isn't much space inside so it gets hot, I'm intending to fit a small fan underneath to relieve that a bit.

The main purpose in buying this robot kit was to use its OpenCV capabilities, documented in the instruction manual, and get it running autonomously. It runs fine on remote control via an onboard website, save the dead arm.