Ikea  STRÅLA bottle lamp

As a source of low cost home furnishing ideas, Ikea is great, and they have a lamp kit,  STRÅLA Cord set, which gives you a lamp holder with cord and plug, that you can do what you like with to make your own style of lamp with shade. 

I wanted to use this with a glass bottle to make a lampstand but the original has no means of attaching to a bottle so one had to be made. Here is the result.

The original lamp holder clips together as two parts, and all that was required was to unclip the two parts, remove the cord, and replace the base with a new clip-on part with a bottle neck fitting which was designed on tinkercad. 

This replacement part does need to be printed on a 3D printer in a suitable plastic but makes for a unique lampstand.

Bottle lamp fitting final.stl
exe File 82.5 KB