Self standing frame

This frame is for a large giant, circa 4 metres, which can be carried and then put down for display. The frame gives a lot of shape to the giant and was designed to be disassembled for storage or transport, and then reassembled when required. 

Materials required:


A head, this is a separate page so isn't described here


Plastic drainage pipes, 3 metre lengths of 40mm were used


Plastic water pipe. For the giants shown here, recycled water pipe was used which cost very little or nothing. This water pipe isn't very expensive so if building several then the cost could be distributed.


6mm nuts bolts and washers. These are used to hold the giant together and enable it to be easily put together and taken apart. Most of the bolts used here were 70-80mm long. Sometimes these need to be cut down in length later.


Steel hanging rails. These were a later modification to add bracing to the giants. They were chosen for strength and low cost.


Odd bits of wood. Not much required, broken pallets were a good source


Foam padding.