The head is important for most giants and its not a bad place to start as once made, a head can be adapted for different bodies and can last a long time. It can be a serious head, a comic head, the choice is up to the maker.

Everyone can have their own ideas of making heads, but for completeness, this is a simple way and doesn't cost much.

Things that are needed are:

Moulds, these were based on borrowed plastic planters, see the pictures, but buckets the rich shape will do, and the shape can be changed as you go along.


Chicken wire. If you are making lots of heads then buying a roll of chicken wire might be worthwhile, but generally finding someone who has a meter or two spare is the easiest source. Having some ordinary wire is also useful for joining parts together.


Old newspaper. It will take a few newspapers to make a head, depending on the size of newspaper and the size of head, but the paper will be torn up into smaller parts so any size does as long as there is enough.


Glue. In this case, wallpaper paste is good, but also glue made of flour and water works. Tubes/cans of glue are no good, it needs to be something which the newspaper can absorb.